Summers reaches 2000 points

Jada Summers makes her 2,000th point as she makes a free throw on January 29 playing against South Shelby.

Summers scored 17 points during the game.

Jada Summers 2000 point

Jada Summers holds one of her many posters made after the game.

The Monroe City Lady Panthers hosted the South Shelby Cardinals for a Clearance Cannon Conference (CCC) game on January 29. Not only was the game important to gain CCC win, but fans packed the gym to watch the team’s lone Senior, Jada Summers, make history during a free throw shot scoring her 2,000th point of her high school career.

Young children showed up with their parents with posters decorated and could be seen throughout the audience, as they held them up with every point made. Summers started out the game only needing 15 points against the Lady Cardinals. Early in the game, it was apparent the opposing team had planned to attempt to stop Summers from scoring. South Shelby guarded Summers at times with three or four of their player leaving the other Lady Panthers open to score.

Summers had only scored 4 points by halftime, as suspension filled the air in the gym. The Lady Panthers led the game in the first half 21-19.

The second half proved to just as tough for Summers to find the goal, but it was apparent her goal was not to score. Summers played the game as a team player, passing the ball to her teammates ensuring the team to gain a win.

With just approximately 20 seconds left in the game, Summers stepped up to the free throw line, only needing one point to make history as a Monroe City Panther. As Summers made the basket, the crowd cheered with excitement, raising their posters in the air. Fans were seen taking pictures and recording the moment from all areas of the gym. The team then gathered hugging Summers for her accomplishment, as Head Coach Cody Leonard met her on the court to congratulate her. Coach Leonard stated, “The girls wanted Jada to break the 2000-point mark at home and worked their tails off to make it happen. Jada has been a consistent force all 4 years for us. We are super proud of what she has accomplished so far. Great player. Great career. Excited to see what she can do down this last stretch of games.”

The Lady Panthers ended the game 55-41, winning the game. Summers finished with a game high score of 17, followed by Lauren Youngblood scoring 14, Bailey Hays added 8 points, Hallie Dyer and Bailee Hays had 6 points each and Riley Quinn had 4 points.

The Monroe City Lady Panthers will host Centralia for their annual Homecoming game this Friday, February 8. The Lady Panthers will then travel to Brookfield on February 12.

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