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Hunting Kodiak brown bears by calling in a charging hungry apex predator is a special kind of weird! I mean who wants to call a 1,000-pound apex predator that is hungry for a dying deer and is willing to fight for it? While just holding a camera.

I guess me?? I was younger and a little more stupid back then. Of course, I was being paid to film the hunt and had a job to do. So, I hung out close to the nice guys with the big guns and paid attention to everything and kept quiet. That wasn’t my first brush with predator hunting, so I knew the basics. Find a good vantage point near heavy cover where you could shoot and not be seen and always get the wind right. Then make terrible sounds of dying distressed animals and get ready!


    Here in Missouri we don’t have to worry about apex predators in the 1,000-pound range. Here we have coyotes as the apex predator and they are a blast to hunt. Gear is pretty basic and almost anyone can get into it and have a ton of fun. Really all you need is your favorite gun and some type of predator call. Of course, you can have more gear. Awesome rifles with top of the line optics. Decoys, high end electronic calls and more. But like with most things I like to keep thing simple. I carry a gun, a chair, a caller and a drag rope. My calling is also simple. I prefer distress in most cases but coyote vocalizations can be awesome if you know what to do and when to do it. But again, I prefer simple. I hunt alone a lot, but I prefer to hunt with at least one other guy. It’s always good to have another set of eyes and someone to cheat the downwind side of the set. Coyotes are smart and they don’t make a lot of mistakes. Especially if they have been hunted before.


    Beside being a fun animal to hunt I really enjoy being outdoors and learning more about the land I hunt and manage. The more I’m outside the better and this is a great way to scout other animals and keep yourself in shape. So, go get a caller, call up a buddy and grab your gun and enjoy God’s creation. You won’t regret it.

    Remember to take someone new hunting or fishing and get outdoors!

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