Written by: Mark Drazba Jr.

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Mark Drazba Jr. and Kelsi Duncan took some big fish at the Eastern Missouri Crappie Club Jack and Jill tournament! ProBuilt Jigs and Jenko Kevin Rodgers Signature Series rod helped flip them studs in the boat!

Alright guys and gals, this is the phase where a lot of anglers hang it up for the year. Well at times I can’t say I blame them. Crappie can turn on and off like a light switch, drive you crazier than your spouse and most of all leave you speechless at times. Fishing for Crappie after they have spawned can be tough fishing, so what I’m going to do is try and give you a few pointers on what I do to find them post spawn crappie.

So for those of us that have experienced birth/parenthood, remember how exhausting it is? Well that’s kind of what crappie are experiencing right now. They are worn flat out, the females have carried the eggs for several months and then the males have been prepping beds and standing guard for weeks. After the females have laid the eggs and the males take over the females move out of the shallow water. We know that most crappie have been in back of coves with steep banks and now they are moving out. At first they may only move short distance if good cover is nearby. The females will rest for a period of time. This phase is why crappie fishing gets tough. They are coming off this crazy pattern and transitioning into the summer pattern.

I know the fish are done with the spawn and have started moving out of coves, so if it is just after the spawn I’ll start checking around standing trees in middle of coves or any sunken brush. I’ll then work my way out to points and mouth of cove area. Crappie may be hard to pattern and find during this phase, so I tend to spend a lot of time on points. Crappie will even just go out into the open waters and not move while they are in recovery mode from the spawn.  During this phase it’s almost like they don’t have any hunger for food. What is tricky is during this recovery period there are days they are biting like crazy and days you can put it in front of them and they won’t touch it. So, if I am not having any luck on points, I’ll start looking for brush and timber off the main lake. Crappie during the end of this recovery period, will be heading to summer fishing locations. I hear all the time, “Crappie go deep for summer,” well in next months article I’m going to tell you otherwise. Hang in there, fish through it because better days are coming!


Mark Drazba Jr.

Let’s not forget the crazy flood season to throw into this phase. Fishing is already tough and now you have rising water, so what do we do. In all honesty we depend greatly on electronics when trying to find tournament fish or just fish in general. We have seen when water raises, more times than not the fish will stay at the normal pool line. If it stays high fish may or may not rise up with the water.  We will never have them figured out, why they do what they do, but we will Start fishing shallow and move deep or vice versa. A lot depends on what the electronics are telling us. I recommend going with someone with experience if you aren’t used to high waters.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget how awesome Cat-fishing is this time of year. Cats are getting ready to spawn and are feeding heavy and when we get rising waters, it makes it that much better. I like to bring out the trot lines and bank poles and hit the lake using live bluegill or goldfish for bait. If you haven’t tried these methods you are really missing out on an exciting way of fishing.  

If you ever have any questions about fishing feel free to look me up on Facebook under Mark Drazba Jr.  Instagram crappiefishing_mark_drazba or email me at mdrazba@icloud.com.  I’d be happy to chat or just follow me on my fishing adventures. Crappie will bite you just have to find them! Don’t forget to take a kid fishing.