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This month, we welcome Outdoor Page writer Nathan Wilt.  Nathan is an accomplished outdoorsman, wildlife photographer, husband and father of two.

Raised in Shelby and Monroe Counties before moving to Hannibal in Middle School, Nathan spent much of his time in the outdoors. Playing baseball, competing in 3D archery as he got his start filming and photographing wildlife, sometimes for fun, but also for artwork for school and sometimes he’d film for friends. Nathan is quoted as saying his love of the outdoors began probably from the first time he was outside.  “There’s not a time I can remember not being outdoors.  From my first memories playing with my brothers, shooting our bows into hay bails at the hay barn in Monroe County or shooting bottles at the creek with our new .22’s. 


If we weren’t playing there, you could find us catching fish at our uncle’s pond.  I’ve always loved to fish and hunt and as I grew older bowhunting become my favorite way to hunt.”  This love of the outdoors and creativity eventually translated into a career in the outdoor industry.


For the past 12 plus years Nathan managed property for hunting and has guided hunts. Over the last 10 years, Nathan’s passion has led him to a career as a freelance producer.  Nathan has made his way as an accomplished producer, producing television shows, photography for magazines and producing creative content for some of the largest outdoor brands in the industry.


Nathan has traveled the world promoting hunting and conservation.  Traveling as far North as Alaska, chasing brown bears in Kodiak to Mozambique, Zimbabwe hunting dangerous wild game.


Nathan has had the pleasure of hunting with some of the true legends of the outdoor industry and even a Hollywood actor or two. Nathan’s work has been seen on The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel, DIY Network and Discovery. Nathan humbly admits he has also appeared on television.  When asked if he likes appearing in front of the camera, he says,  “I don’t really like it, but it’s a necessary evil,” laughing he shrugs, “I have done it, but can not do it and be just fine.”  Nathan can currently be spotted on GUNS and Ammo TV in the pros VS Joe’s competition.  A Joe against the Pro’s, but admits they didn’t know he once was pretty serious at shooting archery, he says, “I don’t get rattled easily.” Nathan is proud of his accomplishments and speaks of his photos being published in WILDFOWL and North American Whitetails magazines.


Nathan expresses he doesn’t really have role models in the outdoors, but tries to spend as much time out in the woods as he can.  “If I can hangout with guys with more experience, I definitely take the time to visit with the old timers.” Says Wilt. He explains, being around good people in the outdoors, “makes you a better hunter.”  A goal Wilt talks about having as a kid.

These days he takes that mentality to the real estate market and helps people find their perfect property or helps sell their land. Also helping set up farms, food plots, trapping and anything conservation based.  Nathan is happy with making a living hunting and chasing animals he would have never had a chance to hunt if it were not for running a camera.  He says, “The best stuff is taking someone new hunting though.”


A guide at heart, his favorite way to hunt is to get close to the game.  “Calling animals and being able to read animals has always helped me hunt, but even more so, helped me filming hunts.” He said.  Nathan loves bowhunting deer, hunting and calling turkeys, calling ducks, predators and hunting,  “…anything I can afford to hunt and have the time for.” He exclaims. “I’ve always had that guide mentality, and I love to see others have fun and do well in the outdoors.”  Nathan has guided many people to their first turkeys, first hunts and first fish.  He smiles, “There’s nothing better than getting young or old people started in the outdoors.  Especially your own kids.”   

Nathan ends with sharing, he hikes and fishes with his wife Annabelle and their children is something he does any time he can.

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