Hannah Wheeler, runner number 121, competes in the CCC Meet, finishing with a time of 27 minutes and 8 seconds, along with Isabella Stupavsky finishing with a time of 26 minutes and 29 seconds at Flower City Park.

The Monroe City Cross Country team traveled to Flower City Park in Palmyra on October 5, to compete in the Clarence Cannon Conference Meet. The Panthers had six runners complete the race with CCC Honors. Head Coach Laura Mulvaney explained the loyalty of her runners, stating, “I couldn’t be more proud of the fight and determination that these athletes have. They continue to work hard and run no matter the weather, course, or how they are feeling that day. This sport is all about guts, and this team continues to show just how gutsy they are.”


Kaleb Griffin finishes the race with First Team Honors at the CCC Meet in Palmyra on Oct. 5.

Finishing the race with First Team Honors were Emmalee Williams, Kabott Harlan and Kaleb Griffin. Second Team Honors were awarded to Ella Hays, Logan Lucas and Jackson Wheeler. Mulvaney shared, “This was the first year that the CCC boys’ division was able to officially compete, so we had high hopes of being some of the top competitors, and we were with four of our athletes earning all-conference honors,” adding, “The girls’ division is stacked with some really developed runners, but Emmalee and Ella were able to finish in the top to earn all-conference honors.”

Prior to the competition the team knew this meet would be a hard race, Mulvaney stated, “The kids knew they were going to see some tough competition because these are schools that we have seen before and they have athletes that we are familiar with. They also knew how tough Palmyra’s course is, but they still stepped up and were able to really produce some solid finishes with multiple athletes earning all-conference honors.”

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