Jet Set Your Life: The Art of Budget Friendly Travel

(BPT) - Spring’s long-awaited arrival brings much anticipation for the activities that come along with more sunlight and warmer weather. There's a contagious eagerness to take more trips, stay longer, and go bigger. People are recognizing the value in travel experiences again, locking in travel plans earlier and planning vacations further out into the next calendar year. And, with business travel resuming there may be a renewed desire to tack on a few days to a trip to explore a new destination.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, there are many ways to stay within a pre-determined budget. In fact, just by being an AARP member, doors open to a wide range of benefits and discounts that can help you plan an affordable trip without compromising on the experience — whether it’s for spring or summer break to a weekend getaway or road trip.

“The good news for AARP members is the member benefits program offers a variety of discounts not only in the U.S., but across the globe,” said Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, travel expert, “These discounts and other perks make all aspects of travel planning possible without going over your budget.”

Pinpoint Your Destination

Deciding on a location that’s perfect for you and your travel companions is no easy feat. It’s best to start with identifying why you are traveling. Are you looking to relax and get a break? Or are you looking to discover and explore different cultures? Here are some top factors to consider that can help in planning:

  1. How many days are you taking off for your trip? Pro tip: factor in time for travel day(s)
  2. Do you have a passport or is domestic travel your preference?
  3. What type of activities do you like? Beach or mountains? Hiking or sailing? Shopping and sightseeing?
  4. What are your budget parameters? Pro tip: Distance doesn’t always mean more expensive. Some destinations mean higher airfare, but the lower day-to-day costs balance it out.

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