Alison Wilson, center, signs her letter of intent with Missouri Valley College on March 10 with front row: Principal John Fortney and Dance Instructor Rhonda Woods-McHargue and back row: Alesha, Julia, Alex and Glen Wilson.

The Monroe City R-1 School lobby was filled with smiling faces and proud moments as Alison Wilson signed with Missouri Valley College to further her career in Dance. Wilson was joined by her parents, Glen and Julia Wilson, along with siblings Alex and Alesha and life-time coach, Rhonda Woods-McHargue.

Wilson has been involved in dance and received instruction at The Fabulous Feet Dance Studio since she was three years old. Wilson stated, “Dance is my passion, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t dancing.”

Wilson visited the campus at Missouri Valley College, sharing, “I like their dance program and the size of the college.” She is looking forward to meeting new friends and being on the competitive dance team. Although she admits hip-hop will most likely give her the biggest challenge. Wilson explained, “I really like tap and jazz styles.”

To qualify for the dance scholarship at Missouri Valley College, Wilson had to dance with the college’s dance team.

Wilson smiled, sharing the memory, stating, “I had fun following their dance team while there.” Wilson will be majoring in Dance.

Wilson helps assist teaching the younger dancers at Fabulous Feet each week. She stated, “I love to help teach the children. I really enjoy my three-year-old class.” Wilson spoke of her coach as being an inspiration, sharing, “Rhonda has taught me everything I know about dance. I have been in awe of what all she had done in her career.”

Instructor Rhonda Woods-McHargue shared of Wilson, explaining, “Alison started dance when she was three years old. At age four, she began private lessons. Her favorite thing was to leap over the shoes. I still practice this teaching. A pair of shoes are set a certain distance apart and then I gradually widen them so they can stretch their legs more and more. They all love it! It’s a mud puddle, or there is a crocodile between the shoes, you get the picture. Well practically every time she would leap, she would fall at the other end, totally wiping out. Then jump up saying “I’m okay,” adding, “All those leaps surely contributed to her absolutely beautiful leaps and extension today.” McHargue described Wilson as a beautiful dancer smiling, she stated, “Alison remains totally clumsy and apt to trip at any given moment. She dances great but that walking around is a challenge.”

As McHargue reminisced about her long-time student she shared several memories, stating, “There are many great memories of Alison’s dance years. She learned at times step in tap much earlier than most. She was once a precious little tap dancing penguin in a number in which she performed with a class of older girls, one being her sister Alesha. In an early Community Theatre production, the entire family danced to the Disney tune “Makin’ Memories”, Mom, Dad, Alesha and Alex. She was so small then, Glen carried her on his shoulders while he and the others proceeded to do the steps.”

Wilson discussed her dream of wanting to teach dance one day, stating, “I hope to return home to teach dance in the future.” She shared some her favorite memories were performing Dance Theatre with Rhonda and Richard before he passed away, as she spoke of losing someone very close to her.  

Instructor McHargue shared of Wilson’s dance experience, stating, “It has been my pleasure to watch her grow and learn. She is equally versed in tap, jazz and ballet/pointe. She has been my assistant for the last several years and has become my right arm. I will sure miss her, but I could not be prouder of her accomplishments. I love her with all my heart. It is such a delight to see a student that I have nurtured and shared with from the very beginning, go on to pursue a career in the art of dance.”

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