Prom 2021

Logan Lucas and Hannah Wheeler are announced Monroe City R-1 Prom Royalty. Royalty candidates  seen in the back row are Logan Buhlig, Clara Minor, Connor Pfaff and Alaina Gottman.

The Monroe City R-1 2021 Prom King and Queen were crowned on April 24 at 11 p.m., in the high school gymnasium, with several parents and family members present to watch the coronation. Crowned Queen was Hannah Wheeler and Kinged was Logan Lucas as royalty for the evening’s event.

The newly crowned royalty court took a few turns on the dance floor as the new Prom King and Queen for Monroe City High School. Each were noted to be full of smiles and laughter, as classmates, friends and family watched.

Runners-up for the crowning were Logan Buhlig and Clara Minor, along with Connor Pfaff and Alaina Gottman.

The 2021 Prom was hosted by the Junior class. The walkways were lined with elegant colors and schemes welcoming well-dressed gentlemen and elegantly dressed young ladies to Midnight in the Garden. From above, the ceiling was draped to create an atmosphere of majestic oasis. Round tables were set with centerpiece matching the paradise grove with the dance floor in the center. The DJ for the evening was Ray Meyer with The Sounds the Limit, of Quincy, Illinois.

The middle school gym filled quickly as locals lined up in front of the doors to the middle school, to grab seats for the annual promenade. when the doors opened at 6:30 p.m. The Dan Mudd Gymnasium bleachers were packed full of parents, loved ones and friends who came to view the sparkling gowns and stylish tuxedo’s being worn for a night of dancing and memories.

As the couples arrived, they were asked to fill out information to be announced during the promenade about each individual in attendance. Young men were dressed top notch with bowties, vests and ties to match their beautiful dates. Ladies were seen with two-piece formals, sleeveless and straps all designed in many colors from florals to sequence, tulle and lace. The couples wore boutonnieres matching their dates, as they were escorted, each wearing the matching arm, wrist and finger corsages.  

Earlier in the day, the public was invited to come to the high school to see the decorations for the evening event and take pictures. In the lobby, the Junior class had created a bridge, covered in ivy, greenery and flowers, welcoming attendees to a night in the garden. There were 3-D trees to create the surreal experience of being swept into an evening of outdoor bliss. Upon entering the gym, those arriving shared an atmosphere of beauty, filled with an array of colorful purple flowers and robust plants to match the theme.

At 8:30 p.m., the public was asked to leave so the students could begin the dance festivities. Before the dance began, couples were asked to watch a slide show in the cafeteria of the graduating seniors including photos captured of their memories throughout their high school and grade school years. Seniors were asked to cast their vote at this time for Prom King and Queen royalty. The annual prom dance ended at midnight and was followed by an after-prom party at the YMCA.

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