A 2005 tan Chevrolet Silverado truck was stolen from the MCR-1 High School parking lot on February 6.

One student at MCR-1 is now without a vehicle after having their vehicle stolen over the weekend. The theft occurred on or about Saturday, February 6.

The student had left the keys in the vehicle on Friday morning when arriving to school. Then attended basketball practice. Around 5:30 p.m., the student found the truck locked. Assuming it may have been locked by accident or a friend was playing a prank, the student got another ride with a friend.

On Saturday the vehicle, described as a 2005 tan single cab Chevrolet Silverado with a light bar across the front, was missing from the parking lot. On Sunday, a police report was filed after coming to the conclusion it was not done as a prank. The cameras revealed a man with a dog walked from the direction of the Bel-Air Motel and had taken the truck.

The incident continues to be under investigation by the Monroe City Police Department.

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