Box cars off the track near Huntington. Submitted Del Buckman


Cars carrying automobiles are piled up on top of each other at the scene.

A train derailment has occurred on Rensselaer Lane and Birch Lane, in rural Ralls County near Huntington. Currently, Route DD is closed to traffic.


A box car carrying wheat can be seen flipped over with the track rails torn and off the wheels.

Approximately 44 cars have derailed on an Eastbound train in two different areas. At this time, the scene is secure with no injuries reported.


Train Derailment, photo submitted by Del Buckman.

A Norfolk Southern employee reported, “The train was carrying wheat and brand-new automobiles, which are a total loss. It will be a couple days clean-up.”


Box cars carrying new automobiles are a total loss, after a train derailment happened this afternoon around 12:45 p.m. Photo submitted by Del Buckman


Two cars resting on each other off of Birch Lane.

The Monroe City Ambulance District, Monroe City Fire Department, Ralls County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Norfolk Southern Railroad are working the scene at this time.


The end of the train came to a stop just after the Mulberry Road Railroad Crossing. Cars carrying wheat are seen ahead tipped over on both the left and right sides of the train tracks.