The Maxwell Carroll Wedge renovations include new windows to the building.

After a decade of repairs, the Monroe City landmark and historical building is ready to welcome new tenants and businesses to Main Street. The building, known as “The Wedge”, has a downtown feel with uptown living amenities. Originally the former Farmers & Merchants Bank building, now will offer superior apartments and office space to the community. Owners, Steven Carroll and Joe Maxwell both shared in agreement, stating, “We wanted the apartments offered to be the kind of place we would want to live in.”

To date, both Carroll and Maxwell have invested over $600,000 into the building as they continue to rehabilitate the space. The goal of rebuilding The Wedge is for it to be built to last. Carroll, a hometown native and former State Representative, shared, “Housing seems to be a need in this area. The windows and extra insulation were chosen to make the apartments qualify as high efficiency, helping provide lower utility costs.” Maxwell, of Mexico, is a former State Senator, who worked closely with Carroll in the House of Representative. Together, they have made great partners seeing this vision come to life.


A two bedroom basement apartment offers natural lighting with plenty of windows and modern updates.

Maxwell shared his time in this area was related to the Mark Twain Lake, stating, “I always entered Monroe City from the south and knew I was here when I saw The Wedge. I couldn’t imagine it not being there. There were a lot of surprises while trying to accomplish this project, but is well worth the investment for Monroe City.”


 A look at the basement apartment living room.

Currently, there are 5 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom energy efficient apartments for rent. There is also business office space available, with one business, Comstock Investments operating there today. The office space will be built according the interested business’s needs.


A look at the modern upstairs one bedroom MC Wedge Apartment with much natural lighting and specious living area overlooking Main Street.

The apartments include brand new appliances with beautifully constructed walls and floors. Carroll shared, “We do not want to be known as slum lords and are looking forward to finding great tenants. It is important to both myself and Joe to offer valuable property to the City.” Preserving the buildings original build, the safe is still intact, along with the buildings brick columns inside. Klement Construction and Landscaping, LLC has been the general contractor on the project. Klement shared, “The building is in the best shape it has ever been. Through the renovations it has been made stronger,” adding, “The hallway upstairs, which previously was designed through the middle of the building, has been moved to the exterior wall, making the access to the outside more accessable.”

Although the owners would have liked to finish the building sooner they explained there were a lot of unforeseen problems. The building has been stripped down to the brick foundation and steel beams, then rebuilt replacing electrical wiring, water lines and everything in between. Maxwell stated, “The wedge is the anchor to downtown. It would have been a tragic loss to be torn down and made into a parking lot. It has been a long time coming. It is big day for the community to have The Wedge in use. I only hope the end will be worth the wait.”

The Wedge was placed on the national register of historic places in 2012. The building was erected in 1917 as a flatiron building clad in tapestry brick. The entrance includes a canted covered in glazed terra cotta tile with a granite base. The Wedge has served multiple different businesses throughout the years and managed to remain standing against three different fires. The building, which is one of few left in the nation, holds different memories for several generations, which will now continue to make more memories for future years to come.

Anyone interested in viewing the apartment or for details can call Dana Cole, manager, at (573)406-7787.