Chief Enochs addressing the council.

Firefighters were present, from the Monroe City Fire Department, at the City Council meeting on September 5. During the Safety Report, Alderman Connie Painter explained she and Mayor John Long had previously met with Rich Enochs. Painter addressed the firefighters present, stating, “Anyone who had concerns could come talk to me or Mayor Long. We want to work as a team. You guys have to have each other’s back. The Fire Department, Police Department and City should be working as a team. Everything has room for improvement.” Alderman Marvin Viloria asked for each firefighter to stand and give their names. The firefighters in attendance were: Assistant Fire Chief Phillip Cheek, serving 14 years; Vern Bastian serving six months; and Lee Werr serving one year.

Also in discussion for the MCFD was the fire department secretary position. The board had asked Fire Chief Rich Enochs to restructure the job duties and outline the hours and pay in a detailed plan at a previous city council meeting. Enochs presented the board with a new plan and after discussion, a motion was made. The board voted to pay $200/month for the secretary position for a six-month probationary period, after the probationary period is completed pay would be re-evaluated using an average of actual hours worked per month. The secretary will be required to work a minimum of 10 hours per month.

Earlier in the meeting, Leah Dodson, co-owner of Maddie’s on Main, addressed the City to discuss her plans at the business during the Fall Festival. Dodson requested the city close off First Street for the evening of October 5 and requested the City provide a temporary electric drop to the Macon-Atlanta Bank Parking lot, picnic tables, trash cans, portable bathrooms and fencing. After discussion, the City informed Dodson she would be responsible to provide the portable bathrooms. A motion was passed with all in favor for the City to provide the remainder of Dodson’s requests.

During the Public Works report, a motion was passed to except the bid of $91.10 per ton from Ren Potterfield Trucking for rock salt for the upcoming winter season. This was the only bid the City received. The board also discussed bids received for a new shelter house at south park. The bids were much higher than what was budgeted and no action was taken. The project will be tabled until a higher amount can be budgeted or bid specs redone.

PeopleServices Inc. were present to discuss the request made for a composite sampler, a 3” trash pump and a North Main lift station. George Hausdorf, of PeopleService’s, explained, “The composite sampler is a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requirement. I suggested the cheaper 3” trash pump because it is an emergency pump only and the new lift station will provide a better response time if something were to go wrong. It has a system built in to notify us if something fails.” The board made a motion to purchase the DNR required composite sampler for $4,365, the 3” trash pump for $1,569 and to purchase the North Main lift station for $51,549.

The Street Department requested permission to solicit for a new employee to be used as a Street Department/Gas Department floater. The request was approved with all in favor.

During the Administration report, Administrator Jackie Pangborn shared Larry Addison requested permission to allow his son to paint the Ticket Booth at the Lion’s Club Field. The Lion’s Club will be taking care of all the costs. After discussion, Pangborn will confirm the plan is to paint it the same way it is now.


105 North Main Street

“The appraisal for the property at 105 North Main Street was appraised at $6,500,” reported Pangborn. City Attorney Michael Williams advised the board on the next step.

Williams stated, “When soliciting bids for the sale of this property, the bids must be very specific about what has to be done with the property. I suggest a timeline of repairs, treating this property as a dangerous building. If no bids are received, the City will have to go back to the original plan of demolition or repair.”

The next scheduled city council meeting is Thursday, September 19, at 6 p.m. The Board of Aldermen normally meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 109 Second Street.  If the first meeting night of the month falls on the first or second day, the meetings for that month are held on the second and fourth Thursdays.  The Board may also change a meeting date at a prior meeting due to scheduling conflicts.  Board of Aldermen meetings are open to the public.  Citizens have an opportunity to express their concerns and give their input at the open forum which is normally the second item on the agenda right after the consent agenda. It is suggested that you advise City Hall of the matter that you wish to discuss with the Board of Aldermen at least two days prior to the meeting so that research (if needed) may be performed prior to the meeting.  If you do not know what ward you are in or have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at (573)735- 4585.

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