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During the July 11 City Council meeting, the members discussed a letter received from the State Auditor regarding the additional cost for the Audit. The preliminary estimate was $35,000-$50,000, but the letter stated the auditor’s office estimated an additional overage of approximately $2,000. Alderman Jason Osbourne motioned to allow Mayor John Long to sign a letter acknowledging the receipt of the State Auditor’s letter. The motion ended in a tie with Alderman Connie Painter, Alderman Marvin Viloria and Alderman Osbourne in favor and Alderman Jeremy Moss, Alderman Dane Foster and Alderman Melissa Hays opposed. Mayor Long had the deciding vote to break the tie by opposing. Mayor Long stated, “I will call the Auditor’s office to get an explanation of the overages.”

City Clerk Chris Ellison addressed the counsel for permission to add web payments to the City’s website for utility payments. Ellison explained, “This option can be added to the website by the current credit card payment provider at no additional cost to the City.” The motion passed with all in favor.

During the Public Works report, Kerry Lee, Manager of the electrical department shared the city lost a breaker and are having issues with some of the other breakers in town. Lee shared, “There will have to be a blackout some evening to get all the issues fixed, but I will coordinate with mutual aid to get everything done at once.”

In the Public Safety meeting, Chief Tyler Wheeler requested to solicit bids for several items in the police department. Chief Wheeler shared the department was currently having issues with the door sticking when there is rain or damp weather, which leaves officers unable to gain entry through that door. The board approved with all in favor to solicit bids for an exterior door replacement.

Next, Chief Wheeler explained the need for window tint to exterior windows and doors to provide a secure area within the department for civilians, office personnel and officers. The board instructed for Chief Wheeler to get quotes for the window tint as the council members agreed this would probably be under the $1500 limit. Also, Chief Wheeler had requested permission to solicit bids for a wooden or vinyl fence to be installed. The item is a budgeted item and the fence would be installed on the East side of the police department. The board voted with all in favor to solicit bids for a wooden or vinyl fence for the police department.

The Public Safety report also included an ATV ordinance which will be posted for review before seeking approval at the next City Council Meeting.

The next scheduled city council meeting is Thursday, July 25 at 6 p.m. The Board of Aldermen normally meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 109 Second Street.  If the first meeting night of the month falls on the first or second day, the meetings for that month are held on the second and fourth Thursdays.  The Board may also change a meeting date at a prior meeting due to scheduling conflicts.  Board of Aldermen meetings are open to the public.  Citizens have an opportunity to express their concerns and give their input at the open forum which is normally the second item on the agenda right after the consent agenda. It is suggested that you advise City Hall of the matter that you wish to discuss with the Board of Aldermen at least two days prior to the meeting so that research (if needed) may be performed prior to the meeting.  If you do not know what ward you are in or have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at (573)735- 4585.

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