Cory and Anthony Young went above and beyond to help others during a recent snow storm, shoveling several inches of snow off of sidewalks at the Senior Housing located on Second Street.

Two brothers went above and beyond their call this past week. Cory Young and Anthony Young saw a need while visiting their mother at the Senior Housing, located on Second Street, during last week’s snow storm. The two noted the sidewalks had not been cleared off and was a safety hazard to those living there.


The residents, visitors, and even a local LinCare company could not access the residents of this facility after the most recent snow storm. These two brothers took it upon themselves to shovel and salt the entire facilities sidewalks for the safety of their sick mother and all the other senior citizens that live there.

Cory and Anthony set out to get shovels and even purchased salt to take on this huge task. This was not only to ensure their mother›s safety, but also the seniors that she calls friends and neighbors.


Angela Gregory, a visitor at the senior housing, stated, “This snow storm and piles of snow almost prevented LinCare from being able to deliver oxygen to a senior in this housing. His senior wife had to get out and shovel a clear path in order for her husband to receive what healthcare he needed desperately.”

Gregory was concerned about her loved one living there, stating, “With this bad weather, having snow packed and unsalted walking paths for the seniors in our community, leaves them with the fear of a simple task such as getting to their vehicles safely without falling. If an emergency situation should happen no one would be able to get to them through the 7-8 inches of snow blocking their walkways to their homes.”


Senior Housing Manager Devyn Timbrook stated, “Kendrick’s Lawn Care did come to clear the sidewalks at 7 p.m. that evening. Kendrick’s Lawn Care always clears the sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow stops falling.”

Gregory added, “This job clearly needed done and they knew everyone else was working hard on the rest of the town and main roads. After a couple of hours, the two of them completed the daunting task. Selflessly, out of the kindness of their hearts, and for their love for their mother.”


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