coyote hunt

Hunters harvest 75 coyotes at annual contest.

The Hunting Corner held a Coyote Round-Up Hunt on February 7-8. The hunt saw 44 teams with an impressive harvest of 75 dogs.  Each team could have 1-3 members. Teams were allowed approximately 24 hours to hunt in the competitive contest for most dogs, biggest dog and smallest dog.

Owner of The Hunting Corner, Nicholas Pfanner stated, “I think the coyote hunt was a great success. We almost doubled the number of participants from the previous year. It’s a great way to get guys that wouldn’t normally predator hunt out there hunting to help control the population and hopefully give the small game population a chance to get reestablished.”

Placing first with most dogs was Ayrn Knipfel, Keith Long and Adam Reeves bringing in 10 dogs. Second place went to Marc Saxbury, Cyle Jones and Caleb Kizer, who checked-in 8 head. Third Place was Kale O’Bryan, Trey Gander and Brian Doelman with 6 head.

The team winning Heaviest Dog contest was Brandon Nutt and Gabe Jennings with a dog weighing 44.6 lbs. The smallest dog contest was won by Marc Saxbury, Cyle Jones and Caleb Kizer with a dog weighing 20.2 lbs.

The hunt included a raffle drawing for a Howa .308. The winner of the raffle was Brandon Goodwin.

The Hunting Corner will be hosting a Grand Opening and Open House on March 14.

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