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David Moss seen here plowing on his 450 Farmall. Moss was one of several locals who participated in a plow day held at the Tara and Tuley Elliott farm on Saturday, Sept. 7.

Photo courtesy of Steve Deleporte

Submitted by Tracy Grove

The third annual Plow Day event was fun for all ages. On September 7, local men, women, and children gathered together to hear the purr of an engine, smell the pollen and dirt, and in the end, view their masterpiece: a plowed piece of God’s green earth. 

Tuley & Tara Elliott volunteered to host the event without disappointment.  Several tractors were buffed and beautiful, others, aged with time.  The plows ranged in sizes and ages as well. 

When asked why these men do this every year, several answered with their own replies.

Adam Grove shared, “It’s just nice to do it the way my grandfather did it.”  Grove’s brother heard how fun it was, and got in on the action too.  The brothers spent many hours fixing up different tractors and plows preparing for the event.  The Grove parents watched their sons beaming with pride and joy.  Such satisfaction from something so simple.  Turning dirt.

Steve Delaporte was an organizer for the event.  Christy, his wife, stated, “He genuinely looks forward to this day the entire year long,” adding, “He enjoys the act of plowing with antique equipment, as well as the friendships that have evolved over the years.”

The children present were playing with toy tractors, plowing their own small patches of dirt as well.  They all looked up as the tractors went by, yelling, waving and faces full of smiles.

Tracy Grove shared her thoughts stating, “I have to admit, the first time I heard about the event I giggled, but as it turns out, I too want to plow on plow day someday. I enjoy my children riding with their father around the field, and someday I know they, too, will be driving a tractor pulling a plow for this event.  What a neat tradition.”

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