Cliff and Susan Seward are the September Yard of the Month winners.

The yard of the month has been chosen by the garden club for the month of September. The residential winner was Cliff and Susan Seward located at 827 Park Street. For the business category, Lakeside Casting was chosen as the winner, located at 2 Lakeside Drive.


Lakeside Casting is the September Business Yard of the Month winner.

The Garden Club explained the Seward’s yard adds a special appeal to their neighborhood. Club member Kathy Anderson stated, “Susan has grown the most beautiful Angel Wing begonias in town this year. The front porch is accented with other flowering plants plus a lovely red maple tree.” As people pass by the center of the yard has a hydrangea in full bloom and the back yard is also inviting with pots of flowers lining the deck.

Lakeside Casting continues to demonstrate excellence keeping their grass and shrubs trimmed at all times. The knock-out roses add a splash of color to the eye against their building. The yard represents a great business statement of being organized, neat and tidy.

Each year as soon as gardens are ready in spring, the garden club drives all over the community looking at yards and businesses so that the Garden Club can highlight them, and to encourage others to join in decorating the city with pretty landscaping.

The Garden Club gives two awards per month. One is for a home, and one for a business.  The club tries not to name the same gardens over and over, but sometimes a particular yard might stand out remarkably and that yard will get picked again.  The Garden Club notes the businesses have a limited number who participate, so it is hard for those not to be repeats.  

The Garden Club looks for beauty not only in flowers but in different types of plants and gardening trying to recognize all types of yards giving everyone a fair chance.

The garden club also gives an award called Perennial Garden and is given once or twice a year to the owner to keep permanently to display all year. The winner of this award then is no longer eligible for the garden of the month award.

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