Seniors left this beauty in the parking lot in front of the high school.

The Monroe City 2021 Senior Class could not complete their last school days without the traditional “senior prank.” This year, the senior class gathered together to make parking a little difficult on the morning of Wednesday, May 5.


Turpin's Towing came in to clean up the jokes.

As faculty and students arrived at school, the entrance to the parking lots were blocked with vehicles, along with the high school’s principal parking spot, which displayed the senior’s version of her new Tesla. In the parking lot sat two old junked trucks with the word Tesla 2021 sprayed on one and Class of 2021 on the other. Upon entering the school, it was noted that streamers had been hung and a few desks moved to the hallway. The senior’s also put the school up for sale, by placing For Sale signs at each entrance.

With the help of Turpin’s Towing and staff members, Monroe City R-1 District had the hallways and parking lots cleaned up and school was able to start as usual, but not for the seniors, as it was their Senior Skip Day.


Among other clever pranks left, the Senior Class of 2021 jokingly put the school up for sale.

Superintendent Tony DeGrave showed off his good humor by explaining on a social media post, the school would have to be taken off the market, stating, “I would like to thank everyone who inquired about purchasing the school property. It seems a few details were not covered with the sellers AKA “2021 Seniors”, mostly minor paperwork issues, but we are going to postpone the listing at this time.”

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