Jailhous doors

Pictured above is the jailhouse door and frame, showing a deteriorated frame with the two windows.

Several community members have voiced concern inquiring about the old jailhouse door, which was in the old electric building being demolished. Rumors had spread around town the door was missing, could not be located or was possibly destroyed in the demolition.

How would you like to see the City display the old historical jail door and windows?

The Board of Alderman will be discussing the future of the old jail door and windows and how to display them. Cast your vote to give your opinion on how you would like to see them displayed.

You voted:

Mayor Jerry Potterfield assured those in attendance at the recent council meeting on December 3, stating, “I took the step to save the old jail house door. It is on city property until the board decides what to do with it.” Discussion leaned towards adding the door to the City museum, St. Jude’s Park or in front of City Hall.

Mayor Potterfield expressed inquiry about another “rumor”, stating, “I heard someone has the key to the old door.”

Currently the jailhouse door frame, which is in bad shape, along with the door and two windows are located and safe from being lost. Mayor Potterfield shared, “The jail room was destroyed years ago, but the door and a window were left intact.”

Mayor Potterfield added, “Everyone assuming the doors were missing could have been solved by just asking. All anyone had to do was ask me and not one person did.”