Leah Dodson is excited for the soft opening of Maddie’s on Main to be held June 21 at 3 p.m.

Maddie’s On Main plans to create a rip roaring, hotsy totsie, dance the jig, beer serving and wine drinking atmosphere on June 21. The new establishment will host their soft opening, with the door opening to the public at 3 p.m. Co-owner Leah Dodson stated, “We want people to come and be themselves.”


Maddie's on Main works to finish the last minute touches preparing for the soft opening set for June 21.

The soft opening will include light food and appetizers for customers to enjoy as they celebrate the opening day of Maddie’s On Main. The business plans to provide a family friendly atmosphere, which includes casual dress, non-smoking and a down to home feeling.

Owners, Leah Dodson and Matthew Perrine are cousins, who recently moved back to their hometown and have taken the initiative to improve the downtown area. Perrine purchased the east 100 block of north main last fall and has been rehabilitating the buildings since.

The business recently had a custom made bar installed, measuring 42 feet in length, along with flat screen televisions above, for sports events and entertainment. There is also a jukebox for those who wish to play some of their favorite tunes. Those who plan to attend the soft opening can expect local and imported wines from France and Italy, three craft beers and other alcoholic beverages.

Prior to being ready to open, the building required extensive rehabilitation. Dodson shared, “The building had to be gutted, plaster removed to expose the original brick and limestone. There was a back wall which had to be torn down and new flooring installed.” The original flooring, which dated back to the 1880’s had dry rotted and was unable to be used, explained Dodson. The construction and rehabilitation of the building was done by Construction Solutions, of Monroe City.

Maddie’s on Main has other plans in its future as well, as Dodson stated, “In approximately a month, Maddie’s will partnership with Bk’s Place, as they expand their business and relocate with us.”

Dodson shared how the idea of Maddie’s On Main came into existence, stating, “Matt and I were out one evening, having conversation about going into business together. We both walked into the building, instantly agreeing this would be an awesome wine bar.”  The two then had to figure out a name, Dodson added, “Matt liked the name On Main and I added Maddie’s, naming it Maddie’s On Main.” Perrine expressed, “I don’t want people to think the business is named after me, being called Maddie’s.” The history of the building inspired the two business owners to try and replicate an early speakeasy, giving them their logo of the flapper girl. The business plans to be open Wednesday through Friday from 3 p.m. – 1:30 a.m., Saturday 1 p.m.-1:30 a.m. and Sunday 1-9 p.m.

A speakeasy, was an illicit establishment that sold alcoholic beverages. Such establishments came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era. During that time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcoholic beverages was illegal throughout the United States. Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition was ended in 1933, and the term is now often used to describe retro style bars.

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