Monroe City Ambulance District

The Monroe City Ambulance District recently received the resignation of Diana Osborn, after 29 years of public service to the community. Osborn shared, “It was time to only work one job, I’m not getting any younger,” as she explained she also worked at Hannibal Regional Hospital as a nurse.

Osborn admitted there had been an investigation prior to her resigning, stating, “There were no findings.” The Monroe City Ambulance District Board President, Howard Willard, stated, “We accepted her resignation.”

In a recent letter received by the Monroe City Assistant Administrator, Blair Joiner, it stated, “Your request includes a request for closed and open minutes (which was requested on May 10, to include any public documents of the mishandling of funds and/or medications concerning employees, the hiring and firing, or suspension of any employees). Although the Board may waive any section 610.021 closure at any time, the Board has chosen not to do so at this time. Therefore, we will be supplying the open minutes only. We share your commitment to openness and transparency.”

Willard commented on Osborn being placed on administrative leave, stating, “I am not going to get into that.” When asked if there was a FBI Investigation ongoing, Willard shared, “Not that I am aware of, but people can be under investigation and not even know it.”

The amended board minutes on April 16, stated Jared LaForce, an employee of the Ambulance District, meet with him in executive session. LaForce had asked Osborn to leave the meeting with her refusing. LaForce then explained he had filed a complaint with an outside agency pertaining to policies and procedures of the Monroe City Ambulance District. For approximately, two hours the Ambulance Board continued in executive session to discuss polices/procedures and personnel.

Currently, Joiner has been placed as the Interim Administrator for the Monroe City Ambulance District. Joiner stated, “I want the residents of Monroe City to know this change will not keep us from doing our job, we are still here to perform and do our job.”

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