Standing Left to Right: Tammi and Ziggy Lotfowski, Phil Mann, Steve Shively Seated Left to Right:  Jennifer Garrett,  Susan Guyer and Lisa Shively.

On an agreed upon date in December, the Hometown Volunteers are treated to breakfast at Monroe Family Restaurant, while they count the donations, commonly known as “the gutting of the pig.”  The Pig is then “tattooed” with the date and amount gathered. This year, the Pig collected $1,228.94.   

The Hometown Volunteers also have traditionally met at Monroe Family Restaurant bright and early the day they go shopping to have breakfast. The project is a fundraiser to help purchase Christmas gifts for the less fortunate children in Monroe City. This tradition began in 2016 and was started by Keith Mershman. Over the past six years, the Pig has provided $5933.36 for the Hometown Volunteers to use for local children.