As the City Council works to find unity, voters will find four open vacancies on the City of Monroe City General Municipal Election ballot. The vacant spots include two year terms for Alderman in Ward I, Ward II and Ward III and a one year term for Alderman Ward III.

Alderman Jason Osbourne will run for re-election for Alderman Ward I and will be running unopposed. Alderman Marvin Viloria will be running for re-election for Alderman Ward II, also running for this position is Gary McElroy. There are two new candidates, Terry Osborn and Robby Ellison, who seek to fill the vacancy of Alderman Ward III. The elected will fill the current Alderman Connie Painters position.

There are two candidates running for Alderman Ward III, which will hold a one year term.

Running is the current appointed Alderman Ralph Lemongelli and his opponent Juben Moss.

In last week’s edition, The Lake Gazette reported Connie Painter would be running for re-election. The Lake Gazette would like to clarify, since receiving information on Painter’s plan to re-run, she has decided not to re-run for election, stating, “I am looking forward to being able to spend more time with my family.”

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