The National League of Cities (NLC) has contacted the City of Monroe City Board of Alderman to purpose a water and sewer line insurance for the residents of the community. The purposed insurance would cover a portion of the outside water and waste lines that are the responsibility of the homeowner. The program addresses the urgent need in cities to provide homeowners with resources to cover the repair of private side aging infrastructure, including broken and leaking water and sewer service lines.

At the recent city council meeting on September 5, City Administrator Jackie Pangborn presented the information to the board of alderman. The board has requested for a representative from the National League of Cities to come speak to the council about the program.

The NCL Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP), a HomeServe company, offers affordable protection for homeowners.

Protection that covers the cost to repair or replace broken, leaking or clogged external water lines, sewer lines and in-home plumbing and drainage lines. These repair plans protect a homeowner’s budget, providing peace of mind. Participation would be voluntary and warranties can be cancelled at any time.

The Service Line Warranty Program includes: USP handles all aspects of the program and it is offered at no cost to the city; generous warranty coverage with most repairs completed within 24 hours; failures due to normal wear and tear, including age, ground shifting, fluctuating temperatures, tree root invasion and frozen lines;  there are no service fees, deductibles, permit fees, or lifetime or annual limits; around-the-clock claims hotline, including weekends and holidays; and use of only licensed, local contractors ensures repairs are made to local code.

The Water Line Warranty covers the buried, outside water line that runs from the point of the utility connection to the foundation of the home. This warranty provides generous coverage for each water line repair plus an allowance for public sidewalk cutting.

The Sewer Line Warranty covers the buried, outside sewer line that runs from the foundation of the home to the main line. This warranty provides generous coverage for each sewer line repair, including clogged lines, plus an additional allowance for public street cutting.

The In-Home Plumbing and Drainage Warranty covers interior water supply lines, sewer lines and all drain lines connected to the main sewer stack that are broken or leaking inside the home after the point of entry, including lines that may be embedded under the slab or basement floor.

According to the report on Wastewater, nearly 240 million Americans, which is 76 percent of the population, rely on the nation’s 14,748 treatment plants for wastewater sanitation. By 2032 it is expected that 56 million more people will connect to centralized treatment plants, rather than private septic systems. This will be a 23 percent increase in demand. In the U.S., there are over 800,000 miles of public sewers and 500,000 miles of private lateral sewers connecting private property to public sewer lines.

The report on Drinking Water informs readers that drinking water is delivered via one million miles of pipes across the country, and that many of those pipes are coming to the end of their lifespan, including City of Monroe City’s aged infrastructures. Although the quality of drinking water in the United States remains high, legacy and emerging contaminants continue to require close attention. While water consumption is down, there are still an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States, wasting more than 2 trillion gallons of treated drinking water. The report card cites the American Water Works Association estimate that approximately one trillion is necessary to maintain and expand service to meet demands over the next 25 years.

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