The Monroe City Public Library will host a book signing on November 30 with Author Sharon Krager for her latest book, "Welcome to My Treehouse".

The Monroe City Public Library will host children’s author, Sharon Krager, of Paris, on November 30 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Krager is the author of five children’s books. Her latest book, “Welcome to my Treehouse” is a collection of 29 short stories and poems. Kruger stated, “The idea for this book was to put together many stories I had written and include the first four as well.”

Kruger’s latest book, “Welcome to My Treehouse”, was written for ages 8-12 years old. The subjects of the stories range from ideal creature comforts from a kid’s point of view, to new discovery in fantasy, nature, play and the wholeness we get from strong friends and family in daily life. The varied stores in this book range from exciting to frightful, to filled with insight and warmth.

Kruger started writing poems as a young mother, sharing, “I always wanted to write for my children when they were young. I put aside that dream until 2013. At that time, I decided to go forward with my dream to write children’s books.” In 2015, Kruger published four books and her latest in 2018. Krager shared, “My granddaughter, Samantha Davis is my illustrator for almost all my work.”

Krager, originally from Chicago, Illinois, moved to the Paris area in 1971. Besides writing, she is a nurse, CMA/Insulin Instructor, retired nursing home Administrator and substitute teacher. Kruger stated, “I am hoping my latest book will be my best seller.”

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