Kairos Hope

Former Elzea Place is brought new hope as Kairos Hope moves in.

A house of hope and right timing is being created right outside of Monroe City. The name of the house, Kairos Hope, is being prepared by a woman after her own heart. Executive Director and Founder, Eryka Mabus will be opening Kairos Hope sometime in the next year. The Ancient Greek term Kairos translates to mean “right time” or “opportune moment.”  Mabus shared, “This home will be a time where God meet’s you where you are at and brings you hope.” The house will be a place for abused women, ages 18-28, to provide a fresh start and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Executive Director and Founder Eryka Mabus, of Kairos Hope, stands on the front porch of the property she plans to open a place where God meet's women where they are at and brings them hope.

Mabus explained she felt called to open some sort of residential home since being in middle school. Her desire to help those overcome the trauma of being sexually abused arose after her own experience of recovery. Mabus stated, “I was gang raped in high school. I had to work through the trauma, learn where to place blame and move forward.” She feels led to work in this area, adding, “God has showed me this is the population I am supposed to work with.” Mabus knows there is a need for this, as she is already receiving inquires, stating, “I receive at least one phone call a week for a person looking for help.”


Kairos Hope will be a non-profit organization ran solely off of donations. Mabus has been working on the development of this program since 2018.

She is a graduate of Hannibal LaGrange University and holds a degree in counseling, laughing she states, “But honestly I have no desire to work in counseling. This is my focus.” Currently, Mabus works as the Youth Leader at Calvary Baptist in Pittsfield, IL. She will reside here in Monroe City at the house while the repairs and preparations are being done and commute back and forth to work.


“I couldn’t do this on my own, I am only 22 years old,” as Mabus shared having to trust God and has prayed through each step during the last two years of planning. She said, “Each step has just fallen into place with lawyers volunteering time to obtaining this house,” as she gave all glory to God for answered prayer.  

The vision is to provide a Christian Residential recovery home for victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse and sexual trauma. Kairos Hope believes everyone was made with a unique purpose by the creator, God. However, when sin entered the world people experienced pain, grief, and brokenness. Nevertheless, God provides for each person a way to experience freedom and joy from all of that. While women are in the program they have the opportunity to find their true identity, experience lasting joy, and break free from all of the pain and sin that has held them for far too long. Mabus shared, “If we can’t offer them Christ, we can’t offer them hope.”


Mabus explained the age qualification, stating, “I did not want there to be too wide of an age range. This age range is when the mind starts kicking those memories back into their life.” Women who choose this program will have to be willing to change. Children will not be allowed to stay at the home while the individual works on self. Mabus said, “If they have children, they will have find a place for them to stay while they work on themselves. Dedicating 6-7 months working on self will make them a better parent for their children.” The program will last approximately seven months for each woman in need, with each individual having a personalized program to meet the needs of each. Women from all over the nation, who have experienced sexual trauma, will be able to participate in the program. Mabus explained there will be an application process for an individual to seek housing in Kairos Hope. The process is expected to take approximately three months, Mabus stated, “This house is not designed to take individuals in the night or in emergency situations. There will be a process.”


The program will be completely free of charge to the women. A similar program in the secular world costs approximately $500/month. Mabus plans to have a certified counselor who can combine biblical principles of Christ’s power to transform lives with clinical intervention, a physician and full professional staff for the women to get the best care physically and spiritually. The home will offer 8-12 jobs to the community and have 24 hour staffing. Anyone interested can make donations online at the Kairos Hope website at recovery.kairoshope.org.