Local men Del Buckman, Rick Hagar and Harlan Greeves deliver Christmas a surprise to the community on Dec. 9 that is sure to bring back good memories of Christmas past. Cedar tree donated by Bill and Lois Turpin.

This week a big Christmas cedar tree was added to the wedge well on the corner of Dover and Main Street. This comes as no new tradition, but an old one being brought back from the 1950’s. The tree was something the community looked forward to seeing on Main Street during the Christmas season. Together, Del Buckman, Rick Hagar and Harlan Greeves decided to make the tradition come back to life.

Buckman commented about the idea, stating, “Rick, Harlan and I went out and cut this Christmas tree and with the help of the city got it set at the corner of the wedge the way it used to be when we were kids,” adding, “I always wanted to see it started again. So, this past weekend we decided to make it happen.” The tree was donated and came from the farm of Bill and Lois Turpin. Years ago, during the 1950-60’s, the Electric Department, which included Tom Burditt, Mack Gosney, Rollie Gosney, and Gary Garner, would go out and cut down a large cedar tree and place it in the wheel at the Wedge. After the tree was placed, they would decorate it with lights. Buckman shared, “I’m not sure what year they stopped doing it.”

Several Monroe City natives have shared expressions of being thankful for a trip down memory lane and an opportunity to create new ones for current generations.

On Thursday, December 12 at 1 p.m., the community is invited to come help or watch as the tree is decorated for the Christmas season. A tree lighting celebration will follow at 5:30 p.m. The public is encouraged to come out to enjoy this old Christmas tradition being brought back to life. Buckman stated, “I hope it becomes a tradition like it was when I was a kid, Merry Christmas Monroe City.”

On Monday, December 9, employees from the City, along with other volunteers, came together to set the tree at the wedge, bringing back a road down memory lane for several in the community.


City employees, along with other volunteers, work together on the morning of December 9, to set the tree at the wedge.

Afterwards, several came together to help decorate the tree. Those making donations to help were Ren Potterfield Trucking, Ben Franklin, Buzz Shaver, Deb Buckman, Paul Betz at The Hunting Corner, BP Gas Station, Panther Tire, Meyer’s Implement, employees at Car Quest, Porter Auto Sales, Muffler Man, Scoreboard, Monroe City Chamber of Commerce, Gosney Pharmacy, Shane Spalding, Sid Buckman, Robey Appliance, Robey Building Supply, Guyla Bering and Macon-Atlanta Bank.

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