A view of the City Council Meeting from Facebook Live. City Attorney John Russell, Mayor Jerry Potterfield, Alderman Jeff Botkins and Alderman Rusty Rothweiler.

The City Council Chambers and Zoom Meeting room online was filled with more than 70 community members on February 4 during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting. The event became popular after an anonymous citizen brought attention to the town an urgent call for citizens to start taking a stand in the City to protect the Monroe City Police Department and Aldermen.

Prior to Open Forum, Mayor Jerry Potterfield moved the SRO Contract to the beginning of the agenda. The contract was approved with Alderman Painter, Viloria, Botkins and Rothweiler in favor, Alderman Ralph Lemongelli opposed and Alderman Jason Osbourne abstained.

Alderman Painter addressed the crowd and the Council. Painter stated, “I would like the Facebook comments and negativity to stop. If there are concerns or questions, come to a meeting or contact your Alderman. I want citizens to understand the water is better now than it ever has been. If you have a problem with it, contact the Water Plant. George Hausdorf has stated several times he is willing to come test the water at any individual’s property.” Painter also discussed the need for the Council, all City Departments, and the community to work together and move forward in a positive direction, adding, “I feel that this can be done.”

During Open Forum, Sheltered Workshop Manager Connie Thurman was in attendance to discuss the lift station on the workshop’s property. Also in attendance was Sheltered Workshop board member Jeff Albus, stating, “There was no indication by the City when it was developed that the workshop would ever be responsible for taking care of the lift station.”

Currently the City has paid the electric for the lift station since 2007. In recent meetings, the board of alderman have discussed the possibility of having the Sheltered Workshop take over responsibility for the lift station, including the electric bill. The current monthly bill averages $12-15 per month. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion for the City to take care of all future repairs, continue to pay the electric and to continue maintaining the lift station; Alderman Painter seconded with all in favor.

Next, Devyn Timbrook and Bonnie Bauer addressed the council with concerns with the Monroe City Food Pantry. Bauer requested permission to block off East Summer Street to get cars through the line and trucks unloaded. The street would be blocked off on Tuesdays from 5 -7 p.m., first and third Fridays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and the third Saturday of each month from 9-11 a.m. Alderman Botkins made a motion to approve the street closures as requested by the Food Pantry; Alderman Rothweiler seconded with all in favor.

The gas main at Mosswood Estates was discussed. Some disagreement was raised about whether the gas was a gas line or a gas main. After much discussion, it was determined that Alderman Viloria and Seth Hagan from the Gas Department will go to Mosswood to determine where it runs, what kind of line it is and develop a plan to be finalized at the next Council meeting.

PeopleServices Manager George Hausdorf addressed the Council regarding almost new water meters that are available for purchase to the City at a largely reduced cost. The City currently has meters in use that have exceeded their useful life and this purchase can be used to replace those older meters. They can also integrate into the AMI system in the future. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to allow Mr. Hausdorf to purchase these meters from Midwest Meter; Alderman Painter seconded with all in favor.

Black & Veatch sent an amendment to their Water Plant Evaluation Study to include the addition of Chloramines. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to approve the amendment from Black & Veatch; Alderman Botkins seconded the motion with all in favor. Alderman Rothweiler then motioned to allow the Mayor to sign the agreement with Black & Veatch; Alderman Lemongelli seconded with all in favor. Mr. Hausdorf also informed the council, stating, “The coagulant trial is happening now at the water plant and is going well.”

The Airport inspection has been completed. There were two items needed, a fire extinguisher and a sign showing where the shut off valve is located on the gas line. It was determined that Chris Ellison would speak with Del Buckman to get the items taken care of. The MoDOT Airport Lighting project is still in the works. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to confirm with Lochner that the City has the funds budgeted for the project; Alderman Osbourne seconded with all in favor.

Two ordinances were passed before the meeting was adjourned. The first being an “Ordinance Authorizing and Directing the Mayor of the City of Monroe City, Missouri to Sell Certain Real Estate to Monroe City R-1 School District” and the second one was an “Ordinance Authorizing and Directing the Mayor of the City of Monroe City, Missouri to Sell Certain Real Estate to Lakeside Development Company, LLC”.