The annual Veterans Day Assembly held at the Monroe City High school honors local veterans such as Jeremy Beaver escorted by his son, Weldon Hood being escorted by Kaelin Kendrick-O’Bryan and Bill Smith as well as many other deserving veterans who have put their lives on hold to serve their country.

The Monroe City R-1 School district will be hosting a Veteran’s Day Assembly in the high school gymnasium for all grades and community members on November 11 at 2 p.m. The ceremony will feature guest speaker Lt. Col. Anthony Yates, U.S. Army Retired and Tammi Latifoski U.S.A.F. Veteran. The Monroe City High School band and choir will also be performing, along with the third-grade elementary class. Those attending are invited to a reception in the High School Cafeteria following the assembly.

The assembly is being held in honor of all local United States Military both active and retired.

This community is home to many veterans who served our country in countless wars over the years. The gratitude given should not be shortened to just one day a year, but should be shown honor daily for all those who have sacrificed so much.

Not only does Monroe City have retired veterans, but the City is home to several service members who are actively serving in the U.S. Military from the community who are currently stationed all over the world. These soldiers continue to give up countless time away from family and friends to answer the call.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, World War I ceased.

The war, which had raged on throughout Europe for a little more than four years, claimed the lives of more than nine million combatants and seven million civilians. The Allies squared off against the Central Powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the conflict involved nations from all over the world.

World War II was even more devastating. It is in their honor and in the name of all the servicemen and women who continue to risk their lives in service of their country that Veterans Day was established.

Veterans Day, sometimes referred to as Armistice Day or Poppy Day, is celebrated each year in November. The day is recognized as a federal holiday. Many people also wear red poppies, a flower that has become synonymous with the holiday.

In addition to the moments of silence and the wearing of poppies, individuals can commemorate Veterans Day in several ways.

One way is to treat a Veteran. Take a soldier out for a meal or pay the restaurant bill anonymously. If a family member or friend is presently in the military or retired from the service, learn his or her interests and plan a special, stress-free day.

Another way is to share a service member’s story. Speak with a service person who served about his or her military service, and chronicle this person’s story into a living history. Encourage children to take part in learning about this person’s history and experiences.

Others volunteer at a veteran’s association. Find a department of veteran’s affairs and see what you can do to assist veterans. If you have specialized skills, offer your services free of charge to former soldiers.

People can also give honor by showing patriotism. Be proud of the countries heritage and the rich history of the country. Fly the flag, participate in the voting process and teach children about the country’s founding principles and how much the nation has evolved. Read up on current events and take an interest in domestic and foreign affairs.

Veterans Day is a time to honor the patriotism of selfless soldiers who sacrificed their lives to make the world a safer place.

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