MCPD introduces new Officer Raven.

The Monroe City Police Department (MCPD) will soon add a four-legged officer to their team. The new canine will be a female lab named Raven. Officer Raven will be certified in drug recognition, tracking and community involvement. Raven will not be bite trained.

The Monroe City Police Department was one of five departments picked throughout the United States to receive this opportunity. Raven is received through a grant and will cause no additional cost to the MCPD, including her health insurance which covers yearly shots and sickness. The current liability insurance carried for the MCPD will not change insurance premiums.

The trained K-9 will reside with School Resource Officer (SRO) and Sgt. Brian Walters. Raven will not require a special kennel due to the fact she is not bite trained. Sgt. Walters shared at the recent City Council meeting about his new partner, stating, “Raven has already been training and graduated top of her class. These dogs are great therapy for kids. I believe the dog will be a great asset to the department and area.” Raven will accompany SRO and Sgt. Walters at school and during routine patrols over the summer.

Sgt. Walters will be leaving to attend a two-week training with Raven at the end of this month. Alderman Jeremy Moss stated, “The Bowling Green school has one and the dog just roams the halls. It’s pretty neat.”

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