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Middle School students participate in LEAD Day on Sept. 24.

Monroe City R-1 Middle School (MCMS) hosted Lead Day on September 24. Students in grades fifth through eighth spent their day leading activities to help accomplish goals in the community. Students participated in cleaning up the school, parks and yards, spending the day working together to establish and learn work ethics to use in their successful future of being leaders.

MCMS Principal Troy Patterson stated, “We accomplished many great things at our LEAD Day last Friday.” MCMS accomplished several tasks in five different categories including: Community Service Family, where students visited and worked at Monroe City Manor, picked up trash at many parks around town and volunteered at Food Bank prepping materials; Communications which involved creating a student informational bulletin board that will display, student messages in the lobby, typed up a first quarter informational newsletter that was distributed electronically to all students.

Beautification where students made posters for the Homecoming parade and motivational signs for the hallway, worked in the landscaping by the new gym pulling weeds and worked outside around the football field deep cleaning the press box; Mentoring by planning for the rest of the year to prepare to make the 7 Habits video, create a reading program for the elementary, a metal health check box and make locker positive notes; and School Restoration where students helped paint some bathroom stalls, deep clean bathrooms, clean Middle School concession stand, clean the gym and under the bleachers, clean the lobby, disinfect areas in the school and clean windows, desks, floors and classrooms.

The MCMS implemented a new approach to inspire greatness in the students through the Leader in Me program five years ago. The program is based off the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by Stephen R. Covey in 1989 and was used as a base to create “The Leader in Me” program that has helped instill values academically as and the goal to increase academics but also work ethics and values that can be used throughout their lifetime. This program has been used in schools across the world since 2008.

Each teacher implements the seven habits into their daily lessons, uses them in discipline and with decision making by teaching the students how to practice the habits in everyday situations.

Not only is this program in the academics, but it includes decorating the halls and building with the programs values as well. The student council is set-up to match the program and encourage the leadership in the individual students. The committee is broken into an announcer, greeter, service, beautification, publications, clean and safe, reunion, social media and spirit.

This program is a large investment over several years. The first four years was the most expensive costing an estimated $70,000, with the first-year costing $25,000 to get started. The ongoing cost is approximately $8,000 per year. Monroe City R-1 School District is committed to the program and one-time donations or a pledge can be given to support the program. All donations are tax deductible.