J.C. Shoemyer and Ronnie McElroy celebrate McElroy's retirement.

Committed employees are not easy to come by in this day in age. The world has created an opportunist generation, so to speak, always looking for something bigger and better. This past week, J.C. Auto and Truck Parts said good-bye to a friend and colleague who had dedicated over five decades of service to the business. On Friday afternoon, September 27, Ronnie McElroy was honored with a retirement party, after being employed there for 53 years. McElroy shared, “Don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to do something.”

McElroy started his career at J.C.’s in 1966. He was recently married and wanting to move home. J.C. Shoemyer stated, “His Dad asked if I had any work for him. He was making dash boards at a factory and had been laid off. We were still operating out of the alley at that time. He came to work for me and it was a wonderful thing.”


Co-workers as well as family and community members gather to celebrate the retirement of Ronnie McElroy on Friday, September 27.

The public was invited to share refreshments from 3-5 p.m., serving two kinds of cakes, mints, nuts and punch. Several customers and friends stopped by to congratulate McElroy bringing greeting cards and gifts to honor his

accomplishments. Later, there was a fish fry for employees and McElroy’s family and friends to take part in his celebration. McElroy was presented with a shiny truck tailgate, painted in a beautifully deep red metallic and signed by all the employees. The tailgate was a Dodge, McElroy’s favorite type of truck.


J.C. Shoemyer and Ronnie McElroy reminisce during McElroy's retirement party held celebrating 53 years working at the local business.

Although, McElroy may not know what he will be doing in the future he stated, “I have already been offered another job,” smiling he added, “A local farmer asked me to come work for him. I don’t know if I could drive one of those new fancy tractors.” Shoemyer replied, “Sure you can, he loves to drive a tractor.”

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