Advisor Sean Frankenbach, with students Spencer Fuller, Landon Shinn and Matthew Barnes were present to recieve the donation of the new trap thrower from the Monroe City Whitetails, Mark Twain Quals Forever and the Monroe City Turkey Federation on February 14, at the Ag Building.

The Monroe City Trap team are pleased to announce the donation of brand-new trap thrower and clay pigeons. On Friday, February 14, the Monroe City Whitetails, the Mark Twain Quails Forever and the Monroe City Turkey Federation worked together to make this opportunity possible.

The trap thrower will eliminate a team member from having to manually load in the trap house, which will provide a safer environment. The new machine will hold a total of 400 clay pigeons at one time to be thrown for shooters.

During a September 19, 2019 City Council meeting, Jim Shoemate addressed the board regarding the Monroe City High School trap team. Shoemate shared the team consisted of approximately 30 youth. Shoemate stated, “Currently the team is practicing at Jeff Groves’ house and has been for several years. The team is pretty good and has even had one student attend college on a trap scholarship,” adding, “I would like to see a trap range closer to town and feel an excellent spot would be the small acreage west of the golf course.” Shoemate explained the only utilities needed would be electric, stating, “I feel I could get the materials for the electric if the City would assist with in-kind services. The NRA would finance the project if the City would agree to a 20-year commitment. The NRA does not want to spend $15,000 to $20,000 and then it decided two years later to cut the project. Shoemate shared, “I do know there are ordinances against shooting in town.” Attorney Michael Williams stated, “Exemptions can be made.”

During the discussion at council, Alderman Viloria raised concern about the range of shooting during a practice. He inquired how far a shot could travel. The City carries liability insurance for City property.

Questions raised were the amount of noise that would be created. Shoemate explained, “The trap season was approximately 6 weeks long per year. If the Council approves I will proceed with applying for the grants. This would be more convenient for the kids to practice and a great opportunity for the City with the NRA paying for the materials.” Shoemate explained to the council the land he was discussing is the front 7 acres west of the golf course with the trap house being built on the north side of the property and shooting towards the south.

Ms. Debbie Kendrick and Mr.   A.J. Cooper with the Mosswood Golf Association provided additional input.  Mr. Cooper stated that he didn’t have any safety concerns and he didn’t feel that noise would be an issue especially with it being west of the driving range.  Ms. Kendrick reminded the Board that when the land was donated there was a letter from George T. Spalding requesting that the land be used for recreation – this is recreation and they didn’t see that the Mosswood Board would have any issues with this.  

The council meeting closed with the request of Shoemate to do a proposed layout of the area so the Alderman could get a better visualization as to what the set up would look like. Shomate returned to the council at the October 22 meeting with more information regarding the proposed trap shooting project.

Shoemate shared, “Myself, Mayor John Long and Alderman Viloria did a test on Saturday, October 19. At hole one and hole eight no noise could be heard from where the range would be. Shoemate suggested a committee be formed with Alderman Painter in agreement. Currently there is no committee in place to attempt to move forward with this project.