City Hall

The Board of Alderman were in a deadlock tie as a motion was placed on the table to accept the offer with new property insurance. Alderman Rusty Rothweiler, Ralph Lemongelli and Jeff Botkins voted yes, while Alderman Connie Painter, Marvin Viloria and Jason Osbourne sat with a stern no, wanting to support the local business. Mayor Jerry Potterfield broke the tie, with a yea vote, stating, “I vote yes, to save the citizens $50,000.”

Earlier in the meeting, Carrie Cooper, Insurance Agent of LaRue Insurance, stated, “I just want to thank the City for allowing us to cover them in the past years. We have always had a good working relationship being next door to each other. We have taken care of this account since the 1990’s, years ago Gary Osbourne called and asked if the City could purchase a policy, keeping the business local. We were glad to help,” adding, “There have been some questions about training to the City employees. This policy does offer training as well.”

Alderman Connie Painter explained she would like to see what kind of training the MoPERM policy could offer. Alderman Viloria shared, “It is a big difference, but I believe in supporting the local people.” Osbourne stated, “I’m all about staying local,” as Rothweiler interrupted stating, “I am too, but not at a 30 percent increase.”