Finishing touches have been made to the store front at 204 South Main Street.

A drive down Main Street in downtown Monroe City gives those passing by an eye catching welcome. Downtown businesses have been working hard to perfect the appearance. Several have worked to change the atmosphere and bring an appearance which is both colorful and full of life.


The 200 block of South Main Street includes newly painted buildings at The Opera House and their adjoining building, The Curtain Call, which is now open for events to rent the space for their special occasions. Across the street the MC Wedge continues to complete a building project for office spaces and now offers living quarters to the downtown area, with several apartment options. The Dugout Sports Bar and Lounge have also taken full advantage of the suggested architectural ideas adding a new door, opening up the space for their customers. In the 100 block of South Main Street, Ben Franklin attracts customers from the north, south, east and west to stop and shop in the downtown area. The Fabulous Feet Dance Company continues to keep their windows full of entertainment showcasing the arts and artists of the area.


Just up the street a few blocks, the Applebee Tree, located in the 100 block of North Main Street continues to add updates, along with the established businesses of BK’s Place and Maddie’s on Main Street.  Construction continues just across the street, in the building which once house the Railway Steak House, with the guidance and vision of hometown native Darrin Kendrick. Strolling on up to the 200 block of North Main St. showcases a newly built bank, and freshly painted additions across the street.

Revitalizing downtown was merely an idea which started nearly three years ago by a group of individuals with a bigger vision for their hometown. Since then, several people have helped in making this progressive dream come true. Prior to this time, there were empty store fronts, aged buildings, which gave off a message that made the downtown area look nearly dead. Today there are vibrant colors, with businesses just starting, new entrepreneur and an ambiance of life beginning to trickle among the coats of paint and signs of being revived.