mcfd training

Fire Chief Rich Enochs stands atop Engine 1 as the volunteer fire department holds training on May 18 in front of the fire station.

The Monroe City Fire Department (M.C.F.D.) firefighters participated in a training exercise on May 18 in front of the fire station. Fire Chief Rich Enochs explained, “We were doing structural hose training and teaching the new guys how to hook the hydrants during a structure fire.”

The M.C.F.D. trains the first and third Monday of each month over several different topics. The trainings include hose drills, pump operations, vehicle extrication, grid searching for lost people and boat operations. Enochs explained the importance of the monthly trainings, stating, “We train for the worst and pray it never happens. If it does, it doesn’t catch us off guard and we’re ready for it. The training also helps with our ISO rating.”