Alderman Connie Painter stars in local television commercial to support free vein screening to be held Sept. 26 at the Monroe City Senior Nutrition Center.

The Missouri Vein Care will host a free assessment and vein screening on September 26 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. This event is open to the public for anyone who may be interested and appointments are not necessary.  Those interested will be screened for a number of common vein symptoms. Outreach Educator, of Missouri Vein Care, Kathy Wear stated, “People often do not know the cause of their pain. These procedures are treatments and not surgery. There is minimal pain and is not cosmetic. Most insurance will pay for these procedures. My role is to educate the public and I just want to help them understand.”

Local resident and now celebrity, Alderman Connie Painter, has debuted in her first television commercial. While being a celebrity has never been her top goal, helping others has always been a main focus. Painter recently filmed a television commercial for Missouri Vein Care, giving her testimony.

Painter stated, “I was inspired to give my testimonial to help others. I want people to know how great it was and help spread the word to improve the quality of others’ lives.”

Wear, stated, “Connie’s caring nature for wanting to help people any way she can made her a great testimonial candidate. She shares her story with excitement and has had amazing results.”

Prior to having the vein procedure done, Painter shared, “I had extreme pain in my legs. I couldn’t bend my right knee and was having a lot of difficulty with my legs.” Painter felt relief after the first procedure and knew she wanted to help others find relief as well, stating, “I especially wanted to educate the elderly on how the procedure could help them. After working at the Monroe City Care Center for so many years, I have seen residents who I believe, could benefit and have some pain relief by the simple procedures performed by Missouri Vein Care.”

Painter has volunteered to assist Missouri Vein Care at the Monroe City Nutrition Center on September 26. Painter explained, “I plan to stay during the day to help and answer any questions anyone may have.” Painter is still going through the process of completing her treatment, stating, “I can’t wait until I get it all done,” sharing she is grateful that the pain in her legs is going away.

Vein treatments work by closing down the abnormal veins where the stagnant blood under high pressure accumulates. After treatment, the blood flows to normal and healthy veins and no longer is stagnant. The circulation returns to normal and the inflammation in the body goes away resulting in dramatic improvement in symptoms.

Numbers show 90 percent of vein problems have a strong genetic component and are passed from parent to child. Because of this, there is little you can do to avoid a vein problem from developing if it runs in your family. Less than 10 percent of the time, the vein problem is not due to genetics and is due to a prior injury or trauma. Vein problems, once started, do not go away and each year become more visible with more symptoms.

The circulation in the body is a constant cycle. The heart pumps the blood, the arteries carry the blood from the heart to the tissues, and the veins bring the blood from the tissues back to the heart. If any one of these steps is not working, then the circulation will slow down. When the vein circulation is not working properly, the entire body is affected because of the slowing of circulation and a number of symptoms develop. This is why a vein circulation problem also affects the overall health of an individual.

A vein condition is due to abnormal function of the valves and buildup of stagnant blood under pressure in the legs. There are valves inside the veins which help the blood return to the heart. Vein problems develop when the vein begins to stretch out and dilate and prevent these valves from working. The result is that the blood no longer flows as well back to the heart and the circulation is stagnant. With stagnant blood under pressure in the legs, the body reacts by creating an inflammation reaction. This causes many of the symptoms including feeling run down and tired.

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