105 North Main Street

The building at 105 North Main Street has been purchased recently by Matthew Perrine. Perrine plans to restore the building and lease it in the future.

The deteriorating building and storefront located at 105 North Main Street will soon have a new owner. The building has been a hot topic for the past year for the City in deciding what they should do with the property. In a recent city council meeting, the Board of Aldermen accepted a bid of $20 from businessman and entrepreneur Matthew Perrine.

Perrine shared his plans for the building, stating, “I plan to fix the roof first, followed by completely gutting the inside of the downstairs and expose the brick walls.” Along with the restoration project, will include restoring the apartment, which Perrine explained, “The apartment is not in bad shape and once restored will be leased for rent.”

Perrine hopes the restoration of the downstairs will provide a space available in the future for a business location for downtown Monroe City.  Perrine is still in the closing process, but assured the project will start immediately, stating, “As soon as I get the key, we will start on the restoration project.

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