Back row: Masonic Lodge Members Butch Pennewell, Gene Millard, Allen Meher, Kent Cheek, Bill Thorndyke, Marty Lincoln Jr.

Front: Monroe City R-1 Elementary Principal Kim Shinn and Marty Lincoln Sr.

The Masonic Lodge members, of Monroe City, met at Monroe City R-1 elementary school to make a monetary donation. Receiving the donation on behalf of the school, was Principal Kim Shinn. The Lodge was able to donate $650 to help assist families with school meal costs and provide emergency clothing.

Every year the Mason members host the weekly Lenten Breakfast, for the community members to enjoy Monday-Friday. Each morning there is a free will donation taken during the breakfast with guest speakers and musicians. The donations received cover the expense of food to supply the breakfast and help support the handicap turkey hunt. Any donation amount left is given to a local charity. Member Kent Cheek shared, “Every donation received is given back to the community.”

This year, the Lodge utilized a partnership program to help children who didn’t have lunch money. There was $350 left over from this year’s breakfast and this program offered to match the local lodges donation, doubling the amount available to be used for the school. The matching donation was received from the Masonic Grand Lodge of Missouri’s Partnership Program

Principal Kim Shinn stated, “There are families who fall between the thin line of not qualifying for help, yet still can’t afford to pay for their children’s lunch. This will really help families in feeding their children.” A portion of the money will also be used to help the school nurse, Cyndi Cheek, purchase an extra supply of backup clothing for children.

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