City Council

Donna Long addresses the council on October 8, during open forum to discuss Make a Difference Day, which is scheduled for October 24.

The Monroe City Board of Alderman met in regular session on October 8 in the City Council Chambers of City Hall. Prior to the board meeting, an Economic Development meeting was held with Lakeside Casting Solutions to discuss possible future growth for the business.

During the Economic Development Report, which was given later in the meeting, Rothweiler shared, “Earlier the Economic Development Committee met with Lakeside Casting. They are looking to expand their business, possibly add jobs to town and enhance more business opportunities. This is positive for our community.” The expansion would affect County Line Road and would cause increased use of the east side of town’s access to Highway 36. The City plans to be in touch with State and Federal agencies to help move forward in the opportunity Lakeside Casting Solutions is possibly proposing.

Council members present were Mayor Jerry Potterfield, City Attorney John Russell, City Clerk Chris Ellison, Alderman Connie Painter, Alderman Marvin Viloria, Alderman, Jason Osbourne, Alderman Jeff Botkins, Alderman Rusty Rothweiler and Alderman Ralph Lemongelli.

PeopleServices Inc. Manager George Hausdorf was present to give a report concerning the water and sewer treatment. Hausdorf requested permission to ask the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to continue the chlorine dioxide trial. The trial has been effective in treating the water, keeping the total number of TTHM’s well below the mcl’s allowed. The board agreed with all in favor to allow PeopleServices to contact DNR for permission. Hausdorf also stated, “The waste water treatment plant specs have been sent to DNR and Black & Veatch are working on the final report to be submitted.”

Hausdorf reported the sludge truck is leaking an enormous amount of oil, stating, “The truck leaves a trail wherever it is driven. It is costing approximately $100/day to purchase oil.

The cost to pay a company do the sludge would be $26,000 each time. The City will continue to have to do this for another year and a half.” Hausdorf also reported there had been a sewer blockage near the North Elm Street area. The blockage caused a resident’s basement to flood. The extreme blockage was caused by grease, hair and flushable wipes, which he shared, “Are really not flushable at all.”

Alderman Botkins asked Hausdorf about the quality of water the City is producing referencing the amount of complaints he sees on social media about the water. Hausdorf shared, “The water is better than he has ever seen it. I would be glad to test residents water to identify if there is a problem. I have not received any phone calls or complaints.”

Mayor Potterfield gave the Mayor’s Report. He discussed concerns the City and the service contract with Chariton Valley. Potterfield stated, “We changed phone services because this was supposed to help Chariton Valley bring better internet services to the community. They have only completed one zone since making this promise and we are paying $1,000 more for phone services. They are supposed to be sending us the contract and checking to see if this price can be lowered.”

The MC Wedge has a resident who has an electric vehicle. The vehicle cannot charge their vehicle unless able to park in a certain parking area. The resident has voiced concerns with other people parking in this spot and not being able to charge his/her vehicle. After much discussion, the council members decided owners of the property at the Wedge would have to assign the parking area and designate the spot for the particular tenant. The City cannot designate the parking spot without an ordinance.

The next scheduled city council meeting is Thursday, October 22 at 6 p.m. The Board of Aldermen normally meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 109 Second Street.  If the first meeting night of the month falls on the first or second day, the meetings for that month are held on the second and fourth Thursdays.  The Board may also change a meeting date at a prior meeting due to scheduling conflicts.  Board of Aldermen meetings are open to the public.  Citizens have an opportunity to express their concerns and give their input at the open forum which is normally the second item on the agenda right after the consent agenda. It is suggested that you advise City Hall of the matter that you wish to discuss with the Board of Aldermen at least two days prior to the meeting so that research (if needed) may be performed prior to the meeting.  If you do not know what ward you are in or have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at (573)735- 4585.