Miss Rhonda Woods performs at the Dinner Theatre held on Valentine’s Day at the Apron Cafe.  Guest Porter Moss enjoys the show.

Love, flowers and chocolates was not the only sweet inspiration on Main Street for Valentine’s Day. Rhonda Woods hosted a dinner theatre titled “Love Is in the Air” at The Apron Cafe. Guests enjoyed an evening of food and entertainment. One couple in attendance, Gene and Floyce Wharton, of Palmyra, celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary at the show. Gene Wharton shared, “The food and presentation by Debbie were excellent. The ambiance was wonderful and Rhonda’s musical stylings were just great. It was a perfect evening. I hope to see more of this in the future.”

Those in attendance were given a dinner choice of chicken florentine or sliced pork, roasted potatoes, seasoned green beans, hot rolls, salad and cheesecake.

The food was prepared and served by The Apron Café, while Woods provided the entertainment.

The evening gave the public and opportunity to share time with loved ones while they enjoyed musical selections performed by Woods, which included comedy and romantic theatre. Each performance included costume selections to coincide with entertainment. Guests were seen with smiles on their faces, displaying happiness as they celebrated and delighted in time together. Owner, Debbie Hall, even gave a musical performance for the crowd to admire. Hall performed a comedy as “Clementine”, singing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Woods brings an opportunity of positive family fun for the public to enjoy. Woods shares her thoughts on arts and dance, stating, “Art is important and is something positive I can help provide for both adults and youth in the community. Dances and songs are performed to wholesome and pure music.”

Woods holds a degree in Performing Arts with emphasis on dance. She is a graduate of Oklahoma University and has been teaching a variety of arts for more than 30 years. Woods currently is the instructor and owner of Fabulous Feet Dance Company, located at 109 South Main Street. Woods offers tap, jazz, ballet, point, theatre, liturgical (also known as praise and worship), voice lessons and visual arts to her students for ages 3 years old and up.