The DownTown Monroe City Revitalization (DTMC) is asking citizens in their quest to win a makeover for the downtown area. The organization has nominated Monroe City for HGTV’s Hometown Makeover which is being led by Ben and Erin Napier of the hit series Home Town. Citizens who would like to help the community win this opportunity are asked to fill out an application on line.

DTMC has made the nomination process as simple as possible by attaching the links, along with a video and pictures needed to submit the form. DTMC member Mindy Hays states, “We fit the requirements perfectly.”

The directions to fill out the nomination form include adding five pictures and uploading a video of the downtown area. The video has to be downloaded prior to starting the application. Those interesting in helping DTMC with the HGTV Makeover can visit the DownTown Monroe City Revitalization Facebook page.

The HGTV makeover series will be titled Home Town Takeover. The requirements for a town to be nominated include a population of less than 40,000 people, homes with great architecture and a Main street that needs a facelift. The pictures are to include a place needing a makeover such as a diner, coffee shop, home or playground, a tour around the town showing places needing improvements and people who love the town.