Architect Randy Wilson met with business owners discussing exterior designs to improve the downtown appearance.

DownTown Monroe City(DTMC), a revitalization organization to help restore the downtown area, hosted three days of events on October 2-4, made possible by DTMC’s receipt of the My Community Matters Grant. The grant is funded through the USDA, in an effort to bring more Main Street services to rural communities.

During these events three local businesses were awarded time with Architect Randy Wilson, to help design an exterior remodel. The businesses awarded this service were The Dugout, Opera House Antiques and A&S Printing.

On Wednesday, October 2, DTMC Representative Debbie Kendrick hosted tours of the downtown area to those interested from 2-3 p.m. Then, Wilson met with each of the business owners for 30 minutes to discuss the exterior remodel he had created. DTMC Member Mindy Hays shared, “These services would have cost the building or business owners roughly $1,500-2,000 per business.” At 5:15 p.m., a public meeting was held at Maddie’s on Main for local leaders, owners and anyone who was interested to attend to discuss the past and future of the community and how DTMC plays a role in its development.

Co-owner of Opera House Antiques, Georgia Rothweiler explained, “We were very excited to be selected with this award. It was awesome meeting with the architect. The loved our current color scheme and presented us with some great ideas. We plan to add the older style awnings when we can. We want to keep the building as authentic and historic as possible.”

The next day, a presentation was given at Maddie’s on Main, in the back room from 6-8 p.m. The presentation was given on Design and Promotion in the downtown area. The presentations were given by Ben Muldrow and Keith Winge, both brand and design specialists. Hays stated, “The three provided on-site training, one on one meetings with building owners and branding and marketing ideas for not only DTMC, but the city itself.”

On Friday, DTMC invited community and property owners to recap the visit of the previous two days at the Apron Café. Those attending were invited to have breakfast, along with discussion about the future of downtown Monroe City.

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