Parades and other community based events are exempt from the new ordinance policy for UTV's and golf carts.

The recent ordinance passed at the June 20 City Council meeting concerning off highway vehicles (UTV’s) and golf carts, has raised concerns among the citizens. Monroe City Police Chief Tyler Wheeler addressed the concerns stating, “This has been an ongoing problem for years.  The fact of the matter was there were no ordinances concerning these types of vehicles operating on city streets and roadways which made it difficult to enforce traffic laws.  Numerous complaints were made and numerous juveniles under 16 years of age (no valid operator’s license) were seen operating them and operating in a careless and imprudent manner.”

Wheeler added, "Other problems included too many passengers on golf carts.  The new ordinance allows only the number of passengers the cart is built for, meaning you cannot operate these vehicles with children hanging off the sides and standing on the back.  This is a safety issue; therefore, you must have liability insurance on the vehicle. We will let the public know when the inspections will start once we have everything in place.”

The new ordinance regarding recreational off-highway vehicles and golf carts within the City of Monroe City, requires a $15 annual special permit to be purchased from the City for each vehicle, along with liability insurance. Chief Wheeler explained, “I have ordered special weatherproof permits. I expect the permits to be available within the next couple of weeks.”

Concern citizens have voiced, shared opinions with the new ordinance only being for UTV’s and golf carts. Chief Wheeler stated, “The public safety committee will be meeting soon concerning a separate ordinance on ATV’s.  It should mirror the UTV ordinance.” Others were concerned with the UTV’s, golf carts and ATV’s being used during the parades. “Keep in mind Parades and other community based events are exempt,” shared Chief Wheeler.

Residents also voiced concern about nuisances in the city not being addressed, sharing their opinion stating, “This seems to be more of a main problem over the UTV usage”. Currently, the Monroe City Police Department has been working to add a new position for a Code Enforcement Compliance Officer. Chief Wheeler explained, “I have listened to concerned citizens and believe this should be a full-time position.  The main duties will be Public nuisances/Timely inspections/Building inspections/ATV, UTV and Golf Cart inspections and more.  This will be a non-commissioned position and will work closely with the Police Department and City of Monroe City administration.  I will be calling for Applications soon, as I am working on policy and procedures and a job description.

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