The Monroe City R-1 School District has asked the Board of Alderman to consider gifting a piece of property owned by the City of Monroe City. The property is located west of the old football field.

Superintendent Tony DeGrave explained, “At this point and time we are moving forward with a future parking lot renovation. By adding the lot addition that is owned by the city it would allow for a cleaner finish to our parking lot.”

The property is a 50-foot section that borders the school property and encompasses a drainage ditch. DeGrave shared, “My vision for the property would be for the school to own the property and properly maintain the ditch and surrounding areas so that to relieve those burdens from the City.”  

On November 5, the City Council discussed the property and how to properly handle the process of selling the property or gifting it to the school. The matter was tabled, in order to have City Attorney John Russell research information regarding gifting this piece of land to the school or if it will need to go out for bid. The council also discussed the idea of other City owned properties to be reviewed to see what is actually needed or if some of the properties could be sold. DeGrave shared, “I surely appreciate the mayor and council for reviewing our request and understand all aspects of this must be transparent with our community.”  

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