utility poles

City has approximately 500-600 utility poles in poor condition and in need of replacement.

Monroe City Board of Alderman met in a regular scheduled City Council meeting on January 7 via internet on Zoom. During the meeting, concerns for the need of pole replacement was discussed. It was noted the pole which had fell during the ice storm, near Business Highway 24 & 36, was completely rotted out in the middle. Mayor Jerry Potterfield shared, “I spoke with Kerry Lee about the utility poles in town. He informed me there are about 500 or 600 more poles just like the one that fell. This is a huge liability. It is only a matter of time before another pole falls,” adding, “Our City has been in the maintain mode for so long, we need to find a plan to get this fixed.”

Mayor Potterfield shared the cost of the project comes with a hefty price tag, stating, “This is a $1-2 million-dollar project.” Mayor Potterfield also brought up safety concerns with the utility pole and proper procedures for road blocks. MIRMA has sent protocols for what is required for street blockages and the information is being forwarded to Kevin O’Bryan and Police Chief Tyler Wheeler.

During Open Forum, Debbie Kendrick addressed the council concerning Mosswood Estates, questioning the addition of a lot and moving a gas line. Kendrick requested the City move the gas line. City Attorney John Russell stated, “Since the gas line was there before the subdivision was put in, it would be Mosswood’s responsibility to move the line.” The Board then made a motion for Mosswood to add an additional lot, with all in favor and Lemongelli abstained.

Mayor Potterfield gave the Mayor’s Report. He informed the council no decision would need to be made concerning the renewing of Lakeside Casting Solution’s lease, the company plans to buy out the loan with a closing date set for March 1. Earlier in the week, Alderman Connie Painter and Alderman Jeff Botkins had attended a meeting with Chuck Mudd sharing it was a very informative meeting.

Also included in the Mayor’s Report was a discussion about an auction. There are currently three properties in Monroe County and three police cars to be sold. The properties include 512 W. Cleveland, 209 First Street and the lot near the school. A motion was made to sell the three properties and three police cars via auction, with all in favor and Alderman Jason Osbourne abstaining. Alderman Connie Painter did raise question if the City needed to go out for bids for an auctioneer or was it okay to choose one. The discussion concluded that Auctioneer Dale DeLaporte was the only one in the area and would charge 4-5 percent commission.

The next scheduled City Council meeting is Thursday, January 21 at 6 p.m. The Board of Aldermen normally meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 109 Second Street. Currently the public is invited to attend via Zoom. If you would like to attend call the City Hall for Meeting ID information.  If the first meeting night of the month falls on the first or second day, the meetings for that month are held on the second and fourth Thursdays.  The Board may also change a meeting date at a prior meeting due to scheduling conflicts.  Board of Aldermen meetings are open to the public.  Citizens have an opportunity to express their concerns and give their input at the open forum which is normally the second item on the agenda right after the consent agenda. It is suggested that you advise City Hall of the matter that you wish to discuss with the Board of Aldermen at least two days prior to the meeting so that research (if needed) may be performed prior to the meeting.  If you do not know what ward you are in or have questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at (573)735- 4585.