Al Dimmitt, representative for Arcadia Metalcraft address the council for a utility payment plan in order to keep the business open. Council denies payment plan. Arcadia has until Monday, Nov. 25 to pay $236,510 or utilities will be shut-off.

It may be "lights out" for Arcadia Metalcraft, as the business addressed the City to discuss their financial hardship related to the General Motors strike. Monroe City Council made a decision to deny Arcadia Metalcraft a utility payment plan in tonight’s meeting. Arcadia has until Monday, November 25 to pay $236,510.52 to the City.

Al Dimmitt was present representing Arcadia. Dimmitt replied to Mayor John Longs question, “Al, where do we go from here?”  Dimmitt stated, “Shut the lights out I guess,” and exited the meeting.

Dimmitt shared earlier in the meeting there were 35-40 people at risk for losing their jobs, adding to the 60 employees who had already been previously laid off. Stay tuned to the Lake Gazette for the complete story. 

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