City Administrator Jackie Pangborn

“It’s time for a change,” stated City Administrator Jackie Pangborn, as she finishes out her 21 year long career working for the City of Monroe City. Pangborn recently resigned her position as City Administrator, giving a two weeks notice at the previous City Council meeting. Pangborn explained, “This Thursday night will be my last City Council meeting.” Pangborn’s resignation comes after several weeks of heated city council meetings with several concerned citizens.

Pangborn admits resigning her position is bittersweet. She is looking forward to a new chapter, while also reluctant to leave the comfort zone of her work environment, which has been her home away from home. She also knows she will miss her co-workers and helping the citizens of this community.

Pangborn stated, “Despite what everyone believes, I am not leaving because of the new mayor directly. Recently, there has been a significant shift with increased negativity and scrutiny,” as she explained her reasons for leaving, adding, “It wasn’t an easy decision. I love serving the citizens of our community and helping increase our town.” Pangborn has received an overwhelming amount of supportive communication from business organizations and contacts she has worked with over the past years including several government agencies throughout the state.

Pangborn started her career for the City of Monroe City as an Administrative Assistant, then took the position as Deputy Clerk, was promoted to Director of Administration and then appointed the title City Administrator. The job requires a high demand of a person’s time, Pangborn shared, “Working in this job, the day doesn’t end at five o’clock. The phone rings all hours of the day, it is like being on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.” Pangborn explained her children were happy to hear of her resignation, which will now free up her time to be more available for her family.  

As for Pangborn’s future endeavors, she smiled stating “I have a few options. It won’t be in government though.”

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