City employees assist in decorating the Wedge well Christmas tree on December 9, spreading holiday cheer for the community to enjoy.

This week, a large Christmas cedar tree was added to the wedge well on the corner of Dover and Main Street. This tree is no new tradition, but an old being brought back from the 1950’s for the second year in a row. Del Buckman, Rick Hagar and Harlan Greeves set out to bring the tradition back to life decades later from their own childhood memories. The tree was something the community looked forward to seeing on Main Street during the Christmas season. Now the community can look forward seeing the tree light up downtown as a Christmas tradition reignited.

The tree was retrieved from Rocky Holler. Years ago, during the 1950-60’s, the Electric Department, which included Tom Burditt, Mack Gosney, Rollie Gosney, and Gary Garner, would go out and cut down a large cedar tree and place it in the wheel at the Wedge. After the tree was placed, they would decorate it with lights. No one really seems to know when the tradition began or stopped, but one’s things for sure—the tradition has returned thanks to hometown folks with small town reflections.

Several Monroe City natives have shared expressions of being thankful for a trip down memory lane and an opportunity to create new ones for current generations. Steve Porter commented, “Just like the old days when I was a kid growing up in Monroe City, thank you guys,” along with Janie Spalding, who stated, “Thanks guys and city crew. Job well done and so great for our community spirit.”

On Wednesday, December 9, employees from the City, along with other volunteers, came together to set the tree at the wedge. The next day, the City employees came together to help decorate the tree. Greeves had stored the decorations donated from last year from area businesses. A welcomed addition this year, a lighted star, donated by Opera House Antiques and Uniques.