Librarian Carroll Hood, retires after 53 years of service to the Monroe City Public Library.

The Monroe City Public Library will host a Retirement Celebration Open House to honor long time librarian Carroll Hood. Hood retired from the library earlier this year. The celebration will be held on Sunday, June 9 from 1-3 p.m. at the Monroe City Public Library.

Hood retires from the library after working there for the past 53 years. Hood hadn’t set out to be a librarian, only being asked to fill in after her neighbor suffered an unfortunate heart attack. Mrs. Noland, the librarian at the time, asked Hood if she would open the library until Noland’s return. Noland’s return, however, never occurred, at what was supposed to be a temporary position turned into a 50 plus year labor of love.  “I love doing it”, said Hood at her 50-year anniversary, adding, “There’s nothing better than opening a new box of books.”  

Being employed for 50 years with one organization may seem unheard of these days, but for Hood, a 1955 Monroe City High School graduate, long careers are a family tradition. Both her brother and sister also celebrated 50-year anniversaries in their respective careers in 2015 as well.

Throughout the years, Hood has been able to share her passion for reading with the Monroe City community. “I’ve always read.  Sometimes I have two or three going at once, in each room of the house.  I can’t imagine anyone not reading.”  It’s this dedication to the education of the Monroe City youth that has kept Hood enthusiastic about her position in her long career. “I’m probably on the third generation of some families.”

The public is invited to come celebrate the 53-year lifetime dedication Hood has given to the community as the librarian. Hood has made an everlasting impact on the community by sharing her passion for reading with all who have entered the library doors.

Sunday will be a time for the community to make an everlasting impact, showing appreciation for all of Hood’s accomplishments and her longterm commitment to the community of Monroe City as not only the librarian, but a leader and role model giving the example of true dedication.

Hood admits the joy she receives from watching a child learn to read, stating, “They start out with picture books, and next thing you know, they’re reading on their own.  That’s fun!”

Mayor John Long stated, “53 years,  what a long commitment to the Monroe City library and to the people of this city.” Long shared memories of Hood, stating, “I recall as a youngster heading into the basement of the library on hot summer days to listen to Ms. Hood read a book or two.  Many kids would sit around and listen. She expressed the excitement into pages and danger that ran among the words. You could visualize and anticipate her readings,” adding, “Ms. Hood presented three of the Long children with reading rewards back in the early 1970’s. She congratulated each with book bags and pencils.“

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